The Tejas Caballeros are blessed to have a great range and the new Hotel will make it even better!  Judge Menday Coming has drafted up plans for a Hotel Stage next to the Bank.  
  The Hotel will be an impressive structure and the CABs volunteer work crew will donate many hours of labor in building the hotel.


  Due to the crazy political times in which we live, material costs have, unfortunately, increased greatly in the last two years. The estimated materials cost for the Hotel is $15,800.
Our stages are built for the long-term because of our 99-year lease.  We are building for the future and build the stages to last.  The CABs have begun a fund drive to cover these costs.
Per your choice your donation may be listed with your name or remain completely anonymous. A special display in the hotel lobby will list donors and donations.

    If you would like to contribute, please send your pledge to the Texas Republic Ranches Legacy Foundation (a 501 c3 allowing a tax deduction) or the Tejas Caballeros.  Your pledge amount will be kept confidential.

There will also be a donation jar set up in the Determination City Hall for any cash donations.

Tejas Caballeros 
Texas Republic Ranches Legacy Foundation
8545 Ranch Road 1623
Blanco, TX  78606
Questions: Judge Menday Coming (aka: Thomas Pollock) [email protected]