Our dear, dear friend Jim No Horse aka: James Alan Barbee, went to meet his maker on Sunday April 15, 2018. Heaven will be a much more lively place since that day and the sun won’t shine quite so brightly on earth in the future. We miss you Horse.  Thanks to Bob Smith, here is a video of Jim in action. Jim No Horse.mp4

James Alan Barbee 1949 – 2018 (Jim No Horse to those with the soul of a cowboy) told his final set of stories. Three years and three months ago, Alan was given 6 weeks to live but Alan was a rule breaker. He fought for the extra time because he just loved life too much to let go so quickly.

Brought up in Houston, Alan wanted to be a writer. He hitchhiked to the University of Iowa after being refused admittance into their prestigious creative writing program. He demanded entry. They agreed they had a character on their hands and let him in. There, he learned to drink shots with Joseph Heller the author of Catch-22 and was told he needed more life experiences.
He left in search of experience.

As a restaurateur, city councilman in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, fighting wildfires in Wyoming, sailing to Venezuela leading helicopter ski trips, building custom homes, he enjoyed life, people, and their stories so much, that he never got back to writing. Alan never found a boundary he didn’t want to push and he still holds the Guiness book of Records for pudding sitting having spent 50 hours sitting in a tub of vanilla pudding to raise money for charity.

Owning a restaurant and bar was the perfect opportunity to test the limits of drinking, and drink he did. His epiphany came one morning when he woke up in a stranger’s bed. A little girl came in and asked if he was taking her to school. He did not know who she was, having met her Mom the night before. So he stopped drinking, went to AA and that led to God, dog shows, cowboy action shooting and Karen.

Addiction work became his first ministry and he helped many people. All Saints Episcopal Church opened many doors. He became one of the church’s taco guys and together they fed over 80,000 tacos to Austin’s homeless.

Alan was a voracious reader. an intelligent, witty, sensitive, loving, wild, and unpredictable man. Known as Jim No Horse after he tied his horse outside a Steamboat Springs bar (his buddies stole it as a joke), he was a single action shooting cowboy with no filter on what he would say.