Hello Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Stuck at home and feel like shooting…something? The Tejas Caballeros have three options for you that won’t send you to jail:

  • Practice at the Range
    • Paid-up members have the option to practice at the range (except Sunday Mornings) for a $5 fee to be left in the money jar in our office.
    • You must text Judge Menday Coming at 512-964-9955 before going out to the range.
  • Regular Match (the 3rd Saturday of each month).
    • The Tejas Caballeros will hold their Regular Match on the 3rd Saturday of each month.
    • Match fee for members is $15, non-members is $20.
    • We will send out a match notice each month to everyone on our email list.
    • You will be able to sign up with Practiscore.
  • Virtual Match
    • The Cabs are offering to paid-up members an option to shoot a Virtual Match. Get a group together to shoot the match or shoot it by yourself!
    • Virtual Match Rules are:
      • Tejas Caballeros members will receive an email with the monthly virtual shooting schedule.
    • You must Text Judge Menday Coming at 512-964-9955 before going out to the range!
      • Stage instructions are posted at each stage. Please replace them.
      • Pick up your own brass, check your own guns at the loading and unloading tables, and do your own counting.
      • Timing devices will be available in the registration building. Also, there are timer apps such as Splits and IPSC.
      • The Caballeros member’s fee is $15, and there is a fee jar on the table in the registration building. Payment is required.
      • Results from shooters of the Virtual Match must be reported to Scoring Marshall [email protected] or 415-713-2955 by the 3rd Thursday of the month.

You may shoot both the virtual match and the regular match, but you must pay the Cabs a match fee each time. If you shoot twice, you can report your best time to Revenant Roy.

The Virtual Match and Judge Menday’s offer to allow practice at the range is available to paid-up Tejas Caballeros Members Only! This may seem unwelcoming, but we can’t have new and unknown shooters come out to the range without supervision.

If you are an experienced shooter, but not yet a member, join now by contacting Prickly Pear Peggy   or go to www.tejascaballeros.net scroll to the JOIN Up tab, fill out the membership application and mail it with your payment of $36 for single shooter or $50 for Family to the address at the top of the form.

While this event is being held outside, which we hope will minimize the possible transmission of the coronavirus, the club takes no responsibility for assuring that the range is free of infection and by agreeing to come out and participate you agree to assume the responsibility for your own safety. The club encourages you to take all necessary precautions to avoid catching the virus or passing it on. Need more info? Contact Farr Ranger, a.k.a Glenn Jordan or Revenant Roy a.k.a James Puckett.

We appreciate all our members and we thank you for all your support. 

99 Years! With a 99-Year lease at the Pollock Ranch near Blanco, Texas, the Tejas Caballeros have a permanent home for cowboy action shooting! To protect the range, deed restrictions also prevent subdivision.