Introduction to Cowboy Action Shooting

First of all, we extend a hearty cowboy welcome! We’re mighty glad you are thinking of shooting with the Tejas Caballeros. Our purpose is to be safe, have fun, develop competitive shooting skills, and enjoy the rich traditions of the Old West. We invite you to join us in the friendly spirit of competition and preservation of our heritage.

On the fifth Saturday of the month (not all have them), the Tejas Caballeros offer a New Shooters Orientation that is a show and tell and hands-on shooting opportunity for folks interested in learning more of the wonderful family sport of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS). It is expected and required that participants are already experienced shooters but may be unfamiliar with the discipline and firearms used in CAS. If you are a novice shooter or have never been taught to shoot, please contact one of our club officers. Due to time and safety constraints, we can’t teach you to shoot during the orientation but we can arrange for one of our more experienced members to work with you privately until you reach the required proficiency.

The orientation starts at 9:00 a.m. at our shooting range on the Texas Republic Ranch located approximately 7.8 miiles from Blanco, TX at 8545 Ranch Road 1623.  We begin with discussion and consideration of firearms safety and applicable range rules. This is followed by approximately three hours devoted to discussion, handling, and individual live firing of each of the three types of firearms used in CAS: single-action pistols, lever-action rifles, and shotguns. Approximately one hour is spent with each type of firearm, with a brief break following each session. After a thirty minute break for lunch we offer an individual live fire opportunity utilizing all the CAS firearms in a typical cowboy action shooting stage.

Participation in the New Shooters Orientation is purposefully kept small for safety and to assure ample personal attention to each new shooter. If you are sold on the CAS sport we are then prepared to make your continuing experience as smooth and pleasurable as possible. After you have finished the orientation we will be happy to pair you up with an experienced CAS shooter who can show you the ropes of CAS competition.

If you’re ready to start you must copy and paste, download and print, or complete on line and return the New Shooters Application and Liability Release. Once you have attended our orientation, please take a few minutes to complete a Introduction to CAS Survey. This will help us improve our orientation content and procedures in the future.

Don’t have all the clothes? Wear your most cowboy outfit and a brimmed hat (NOT a baseball cap). A pair of blue jeans and a western-style shirt is fine. Boots are preferred but most any closed-toe boot will serve to get you started. Whether you dress like Gene Autry, James Arness, or John Wayne you’ll fit right in.

Don’t have all the guns or gun leather? One of the great things about cowboys is they’re always willing to help a fellow cowboy. Just contact one of the club officers a week or two in advance of the shoot and let them know what you’re missing. Chances are, we can find someone who can loan you what you need, from a single gun to a full set. All you need to do is cover the cost of your ammunition which may also be supplied by the experienced cowboy shooter who loans you your guns.

Don’t have a gun cart? Again, contact one of the club officers before the shoot. We have a loaner cart we available or we’ll find someone to pair you up with for the day.

Still not sure if this sport is for you? Come out and shoot with us or just watch a match. You don’t have to be a member of the club so you’ve got nothing to lose, and you’re going to find that the Caballeros are some of the nicest people around.