Tejas Caballeros Range Rules

Applies to All Persons on the Range

Attitude: The Caballeros are a friendly and congenial group with an open and welcoming attitude to all folks and similar attitude is expected of everyone on the range.

Liability Release: A signed ‘Liability Release’ is required for all persons on the range. That includes shooters and spectators. If you don’t present yourself at the registration building and sign a release, you’re trespassing.

Personal Protection: Eye and ear protection are required for all persons, shooters and spectators, on or near the Firing Line.

Safety: Everyone is a Safety Officer and is expected to promote safety. If an unsafe condition is observed it is everyone’s responsibility to see that it is corrected. Bring the issue to the attention of a Range Officer or Posse Marshal. If the safety issue is immediate shout for immediate CEASE FIRE.

Open Action: Rifle and Shotgun actions must be open at all times when not actually shooting.

Down Range: Firearms must never be pointed at anyone at anytime. Muzzle direction must be down range. Never ‘sweep’ anyone with the muzzle of your guns.

Loaded Rifles: When loaded the hammer will be down on an empty chamber of rifles.

Loaded Pistols: When loaded the hammer will be down on an empty chamber of pistols. Pistols will remain on the loading table and will not be holstered until your turn to shoot.

Shotgun Loading: Shotgun actions will be open and shotguns will not be loaded before the part of the stage requiring them.  Shotguns are always loaded on the clock.

Range is Hot: Everyone will remain behind the firing line and behind the active shooter(s). No one will go down range beyond the firing line unless the appropriate flags or commands have been given to insure it is safe to do so.