Range Progress 12/1/16

Heartfelt thanks to Barb Steele, River Ben, Cowboy Small, Skyfall, Travelin’ Jones, El Zopilote Viejo, Sole Proprietor, Manchaca Kid, Margo Rita, Judge Menday Coming and Jacie Lane for all their hard work on the new Texas Republic Range.

Manchaca, Ben, Travelin, and Cowboy made great progress on the Sheriff’s Office, building a shooting platform, trimming the doors and windows, and fitting the jail cell bars to the space available. Margo was out fetching supplies for the work. Sole finished up the front stairs on the Saloon while Barb and Zopilote finished ceaning up the burn pile. Jacie, Judge and Skyfall continued building the Outlaw Cabin.

TRR is really beginning to look like a Cowboy Shooting Range. We couldn’t have made the progress we have without all of our wonderful volunteers. Thanks to all of you!

A.H. “Hamp” Cox, Texas Ranger – RIP

Dan Lengefield, AKA A.H. “Hamp” Cox, Texas Ranger, went to that great shooting range in the sky on November 26, 2016. He had suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease for some time. Hamp shot with the Tejas Caballeros many times and he loved Cowboy Action Shooting.

Here is his obituary.

Amazing Work Crew on Saturday 11/19/16!

We are thankful for the absolutely amazing work crew who showed up to help with range construction on Saturday, Niovember 19th. Workers included: Sole Proprietor, Madam V,  Dusty Leather, El Zopilote Viejo, River Ben, Barb Steele, Cowboy Small, Big D, Margo Rita, Judge Menday Coming, Rogue Heeler, Travelin’ Jones, Skyfall, Gold Dog, Hempstead Plains Drifter, and Jacie Lane.

Rogue Heeler put up the trim in the bathrooms while Cowboy Small and Big D sealed the rain gutters. Barb Steele and Margo Rita continued to prettify the restrooms with  brushes, rollers and a can of paint. Jacie, Gold Dog, Skyfall, and Judge Menday completed the platform at the end of the mine cart run. Sole Proprietor, Madam V, Hempstead Plains Drifter, Dusty Leather, River Ben and Travelin’ Jones built three sets of stairs for the Saloon,  and nearly everyone pitched it to start construction on the Sheriff’s Office and Jail. Judge and Rogue Heeler started to build the Outlaw Cabin.

We stayed warm during the chilly morning by gathering around the campfire and later we enjoyed chili and fried chicken graciously provided by the Judge and Margo Rita.  Can’t beat chili heated in a cast iron pot on an open fire!  At the end of the workday, a few of us kept our shooting skills sharp with a little target practice. Thanks again for all your efforts to make TRR a great place to shoot.




Saloon Trim & Water Capture System

On November 17, 2016 we accomplished a lot at the new range. Cowboy Small, Jacie Lane and Hempstead Plains Drifter installed the drain pipes to the cistern. We catch rain water to use in our restrooms. Sole Proprieter and River Ben completed the trim on the saloon. We all took a break to welcome one of our favorite people, Jim No Horse, who stopped by to check out the range. Farr Ranger worked to reinforce the floor for our next stage, the Sheriffs Office and Jail. Barb Steele continued to paint the restrooms and Judge Menday and Margo Rita were busy keeping the work crew fed. Thanks to Everyone!


Raising the Roof 11/3-4/2016

On November 3rd and 4th we raised the roof rafters on the new Cerveza Grande Saloon. The next step is installing the roofing material. We made good progress on the new Mine Cart stage as well, building the frame for the tunnel. More to come!

Special Thanks to Manchaca Kid, Sole Proprieter, Travelin Jones, Dragon Hill Dave, Farr Ranger, Cowboy Small, Judge Menday Coming, Margo Rita, River Ben, Barb Steele, Rusty Shakleford, Mia Jameson, Bolo Bob, Hempstead Plains Drifter, and Rogue Heeler.

saloon_roof1 saloon_roof2

New Cerveza Grande Saloon 10/28/16

We’re happy to report that construction has started on the new Cerveza Grande Saloon. We began assembling front panels for the saloon which will sit across from the registration building. It’s a “special” place for us both as a shooting stage and as the place where shooters gather after each match to spin a few yarns and to share some food and drink. Come for the shooting, stay for the friends.

Sole Proprieter, River Ben and Hempstead Plains Drifter build walls while Agarita Annie, Nueces Slim, Shootin’ Iron Miller, Sheriff Robert Love, Dragon Hill Dave, Manchaca Kid and Rogue Heeler build floors. Walls were raised on Friday 10/21/16 and the facade was raised on 10/28/16 by River Ben, Manchaca Kid and Sole Proprieter.


New Range Update 9/26/2016


Howdy Cowboy Shooters!
With the Aloha Flat Creek Shoot behind us work on the new range commenced in earnest. Over the past week to 10 days we’ve seen completion of the new registration building exterior, layout of the firing line and trimming and pruning of trees along the firing line.
Our thanks to all who had a hand in making this progress: Agarita Annie, Ben Jones (ranch foreman for Texas Republic Ranch), Bolo Bob, El Zopilote Viejo, English Bob, Cowboy Small, Dragon Hill Dave, Farr Ranger, Grouchy Spike, Jacie Lane, Judge Hangin’ Knot, Judge Menday Coming, Madam V, Manchaca Kid, Margo Rita, Marshall Willey, River Ben, Sole Proprietor, Travelin’ Jones, and Barb Steele.
The club especially appreciates the $500 contribution from Agarita Annie, and husband Nueces Slim, and the same for El Zopilote Viejo who also contributed $500. Moving the range and buying loads of new materials really stretches the club’s budget and these gifts are truly appreciated!
Sole Proprietor has proposed a typical 3-day work week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday begins at Flat Creek where we continue to dismantle and load materials, furniture, signs, and targets. We then convoy to the new range where everything is unloaded in its approximate location of future use.
Friday and Saturday are opportunities for new construction and painting. There’s a fairly comprehensive site plan and work begins this week on new stages!
We typically start each day early while it’s still cool and quit for food and refreshments about 12:30~1:00 o’clock. Seems a short day, and it is, but, with a host of volunteers we get lots done! Come on out and join us.


PS: Simple directions to the new range: Go to Blanco. At the traffic signal intersection of 4th Street and US 281 note mileage on your odometer and turn west. 4th Street immediately becomes Ranch Road 1623. Continue on RR1623 for 7.6 miles from the traffic signal. Entrance to Texas Republic Ranch is on your left in the middle of a Long Black Four Rail Board Fence. The gate’s open and is bordered by a Texas Republic Flag and a US Flag. Just follow the road past the house (built in 1866) over the cattle guard, over the low water crossing and up the hill. Welcome to the Tejas Caballeros TRR Shooting Range. If arriving from the west turn south on RR1623 at Stonewall. The ranch will be on your right 12.3 miles.

A New Era – Texas Republic Ranch Range

Were starting a new era……from scratch. Our new Range at Texas Republic Ranch (TRR) outside of Blanco will be a complete restart for the Tejas Caballeros. We’ll keep all of our old traditions of frendliness, hospitality, and a big “Howdy” to shooters new and old, but our range will be totally new. Because there is so much to do building new stages, we may miss a month or two before we actually shoot at TRR. Keep checking this website for updates, photos and news. Before you ask, we will have a mine cart and some interesting new twists to cowboy shooting!

Aloha Flat Creek Shoot – Saturday 9/17/16

Hello everyone!

Mark your calendar now…plan ahead …
The Tejas Caballeros will have their last shoot at the Flat Creek range on Saturday, September 17, 2016.
The theme of this shoot will be “Aloha Flat Creek” …. wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt or other attire for this fun shoot…prizes for the best costume!

As you may know, the Tejas Caballeros lease at Flat Creek expires in October. So, we had been searching for a new location and thanks to Judge Menday Coming, we are in the process of dismantling our range at Flat Creek and we’ll be building a new range on his ranch just outside of Blanco, TX. Building of a new shooting range takes a whole lot of work and we are going as fast as possible to get it done. To that end, we would like to ask if you had some spare time to help construct a mighty nice shooting range. Please contact any of the Cabs officers if you have questions or you can join our work crew.

Thanks for your support…we’ll see you on Saturday, September 17th! “Aloha Flat Creek”

July 2016 Results

Match results are now posted. Click on the menu bar to see them.

Great shooting by Gold Dog, Kickshot, and River Ben who had no misses and no procedural penalties.